LFC’s Landowner Resources page provides landowners like you with valuable, pertinent, and free information. We create these downloadable articles for you to learn about natural resources and land management, and as a result you can make better, informed decisions about your most valuable asset, your property.

Long Forestry spends time discussing a landowner’s goals for their property
What a Landowner Should Do
5 Most Important Things a Landowner Can Do
Cut Stump Treatments
Cut Stump Treatments – Water Based vs Oil Based
Advanced Oak Regeneration
Advanced Oak Regeneration
Timber Harvesting
Partners in the Timber Harvesting Process
Proper Hearing Protection
Determining if Your Hearing Protection is Adequate
Forest Management Plan
Forest Management Plan and Tax Benefits
Mill Creek Natural Area Restoration Project
Mill Creek Natural Area Restoration Project
Benefits of a Consulting Forester
3 Monetary Benefits of Using a Consulting Forester