What We Do

At Long Forestry our mission is to provide private landowners with the knowledge and services to accomplish their management objectives in a cost efficient and effective manner. Long Forestry practices Sustainable Forestry, which involves managing the forest to meet the current objectives of the landowner while leaving the appropriate resources in place for future generations.

Innovative Management Techniques

There are many advantages of managing your forest for long term benefits, including superior wildlife habitat, increased diversity, and increased value. Contact us today and see how sustainable forestry practices can work for you.

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Services Offered

Forest Management Plans

Invasive Species Control

Forest Stand Improvement

Tree Planting

Prescribed Burns

Timber Sales & Appraisals

Edge Habitat

Chainsaw Safety Training

Forestry Mulching

Landowner Management Agreements

Vegetation Management

In order to serve a wider range of clients with our specialty services, Long Forestry has opened VMC – Vegetation Management Company. VMC offers season long weed control for industry and infrastructure. Bareground weed control ensures that your surface will remain weed free for the entire growing season. It is used on gravel surfaces, storage lots, fence rows, building edges, etc. Broad leaf weed control prevents larger and woody plants from growing where only grasses are desired. It is used on power line right of ways, pipeline right of ways, airports, dams, dithes, etc.

VMC - Vegetation Management