Long Forestry’s Landowner Management Agreement allows forest landowners to receive the forest services they need in order to manage their forests. The LMA allows the landowner to set a strict yearly budget for forest services that are executed in a way that will meet the landowner’s long term goals for their property. Click here to see how the LMA uses a common sense approach to forest management.

The LMA provides landowners with forestry services based on a day rate. The landowner decides how much they want to invest on forestry services per year, and Long Forestry provides services by the day until that budget is reached. The budget can not and will not be exceeded.

The first treatments on your property target the seed sources of invasive species, typically forest edges or openings within the forest. By targeting the seed source first we have eliminated the need to invest in expensive and unaffordable property wide treatments.

Follow up treatments are worked into the LMA program as well. Each season we re-cover the previous years’ work and then move deeper into the property. 

By eliminating the seed source, following up each year, and allowing the landowner to set the budget, we have decreased the cost of invasive species management significantly over traditional contracting methods and have created the most affordable, common sense approach to forest land management. 

Plus a professional forester will be on your property every year monitoring progress and strategizing future treatment methods.

Early Detection, Rapid Response Guaranteed

Since we are not restricted by contractual restraints, which typically allow only the treatment of specific target plants, LFC’s foresters will identify and treat immediately any invasive species on the property that has not yet been identified. Below is a list of invasive species that we have found on properties under the LMA and have treated immediately before they can spread and cause the next expensive invasive problem.

  • Garlic mustard
  • Oriental bittersweet
  • Shizo (Beefsteak)
  • Japanese stiltgrass
  • Multi-flora rose
  • Tree of Heaven
  • Sericea lespedza
  • Japanese chaff flower

Benefits of the Landowner Management Agreement

  • Landowners objectives
  • Controlled budget
  • Significantly lower per acre costs
  • Early Detection, Rapid Response
  • Protects the landowner’s investment
  • Maintain favor and compliance with cost share and tax reduction programs
  • Annual visits by an LFC forester
  • Common sense forestry

Landowner Management