Illinois Prescribed BurnFor thousands of years fire has been the primary tool used to shape and manage the forest of the eastern United States.  It is the main reason the oak/hickory forest has dominated the landscape of our region and beyond for a few millennia.  The loss of oak species in our forest, lack of diversity, decrease in quality wildlife habitat, and the infestation of exotic plants can all be blamed at, least partially, on the removal of fire from the forested ecosystem. 

Fire is a valuable tool available to forest landowners today as well.  It is a very beneficial tool that can accomplish multiple objectives, especially when used regularly.  Long Forestry has a two million prescribed burn insurance policy, a fully trained crew, two UTV pumper units, one 300 gallon pumper truck, and all the tools and equipment necessary to carry out a successful and safe prescribed fire. Long Forestry also has a certified Technical Service Provider on staff to prepare certified prescribe burn plans for the NRCS.  Contact Long Forestry to get more information on prescribed burning and to have your property assessed for a potential burn.