Landowner Resources

Part of Long Forestry's mission is education.  Just like we educate our employees to be the best foresters in the country, we also want to educate the public and landowners to be the best stewards of their land. Long Forestry has put several outlets in place to provide content to the consumer so they are able to make informed and knowledgeble decisions.  

LFC Blog - Here you will find articles and pictures about landowner and forestry topics like how to determine if your hearing protection is adequate, facts about America's forests, and how the timber sale supply chain is structured. 

Landowner Education Series - Taking place across the state throughout the year, this series of presentations will educate you for one hour regarding a forestry ownership issue and there will be a question and answer session afterwards so you can use to ask a professional forester about your own property.  The presentations are free and are open to anyone. The Landowner Education Series covers a new forestry topic each night and the Fall 2016 schedule is here.  Watch video clips from past events on our YouTube Channel.

LFC's Briefs for the Forest Landowner - These simple whitepapers are designed to educate landowners about forest management and ownership topics. They can be downloaded, printed, and shared as many times as you wish.

Links - The LFC Links page will connect you to other forestry and landowner resources in the Midwest, tips, and other partners in sustainable forestry.

LFC YouTube Channel  - Here you will find videos created for landowners. You will see how to videos, lectures, and client testimonies.