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Long Forestry provides forestry services in southern Illinois and west central Illinois.   Our consulting foresters and forestry service crew members serve private landowners, organizations, and government agencies in Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky and Indiana.  We specialize in preparing forest management plans, timber sale administration, acquiring cost share assistance, and providing forestry contracting services.  Our forestry services include forest stand improvement, invasive species control, tree planting, prescribed burning, forest management plans, and timber sales. 

At Long Forestry our mission is to provide private landowners with the knowledge and tools to accomplish their management objectives in a cost efficient and effective mannner, and to properly train the next generation of foresters.   Long Forestry practices Sustainable Forestry, which involves managing the forest to meet the current objectives of the landowner while leaving the appropriate resources in place for future generations.  Sustainable forestry looks decades into the future and considers all aspects of the forest resource when management decisions are being made. 

Long Forestry is committed to providing forest landowners with innovative management techniques using recent research results and the newest technology; as well as access to Cost Share sources that they need to accomplish their goals for their property.

There are many advantages of managing your forest for long term benefits, including superior wildlife habitat, increased diversity, and increased value.  Contact Long Forestry for more information.

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We even offer chainsaw and forestry safety training materials to our industry partners and chainsaw operators.
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LFC Clients talk about their experiences as forest landowners
Havlilk's forest management plan and invasive species control  Randle's forest management plan and timber sale  Phelps' forest management plan and property tax reduction
LFC Welcomes VMC
In order to serve a wider range of clients with our specialty services, Long Forestry has opened VMC - Vegetation Management Company.  VMC offers season long weed control for industry and infrastructure.  Bareground weed control ensures that your surface will remain weed free for the entire growing season.  It is used on gravel surfaces, storage lots, fence rows, building edges, etc.  Broad leaf weed control prevents larger and woody plants from growing where only grasses are desired.  It is used on power line right of ways, pipeline roght of ways, airports, dams, dithes, etc.  Click on the logo below to visit the new website and check out our social media pages.   
VMC Logo
LFC Forestry Services Crew - a day in the life
LFC Consulting Forester, Joe Starkey, created this point of view video that will take you on a journey through a typical day on a forest stand improvement.  Click on the link below, sit back, and enjoy.
Forestry Services Crew - TSI