LFC Forestry Store

Welcome to the Long Forestry online store! Here you will find materials, gear, and equipment to manage your property, along with safety materials and our collection of Sustainability T-shirts! Checkout through the store is safe and secure through Square.


Our line of t-shirts are meant to inspire and promote our natural environment and sustainable practices. All of the designs are original concepts from LFC and we hope you enjoy them  as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Compulsive Composter T-Shirt  Home Sweet Home T-Shirt  Tree ID T-Shirt  Plant a Tree T-Shirt  Plant a Tree T-shirt - Dark Green LFC Chainsaw T-Shirt  LFC Work Shirt




LFC puts safety at the top of the list and we have created a line of safety products and training materials for the forestry industry and chainsaw users. Our Chainsaw Safety Poster was designed by LFC and created by a local southern Illinois artist and graphic designer. 

Chainsaw Safety Poster     

Forestry Materials, Equipment, and Gear 

Our vision for this department lines up with our company vision, to help our landowners manage their property they way they want to. Here you will find the tools of the trade that you need to do your own invasive species work, forest stand improvement, and tree plantings. You won't have to sort through hundreds of items to find what you need, because we only carry the products and tools we use when we work in the woods. You will find everything from Personal Protective Equipment, to herbicides in custom quatities (that's right, just buy the amount you need!), to the tools you need to do the job. As an added bonus, you can call the LFC offices anytime for how to advice and we will tell you what equipment and materials you'll need, how to do the job, and the little things that you can do to make the work more enjoyable, safe and effective.