Sustainable Forestry

Tree Planter with Shelters and Bamboo StakesLong Forestry’s philosophy towards forest management is based on sustainable forestry.  Sustainable forestry seeks to utilize natural resources today while keeping the resources necessary for future revenue and diversity in place.  Sustainable forestry does not practice high grade harvesting techniques, or seek to decrease the value of the woods for short term gain; rather it encourages future value through select harvesting.  It diversifies the landscape in order to maximize wildlife habitat and food resources. Sustainable forestry takes all of the forest resources and the landowners objectives into account when making management decisions, extending the benefits of forest management far beyond the trees. 

In today’s forest, there are a variety of silvicultural tools that need to be applied in a specific order and at specific times of the year for effective and lasting forest management.  Expert knowledge and training is required to achieve landowner’s goals in an effective and efficient manner.  Sustainable forestry is possible by utilizing a consulting forester who makes decisions based on the landowners best interests while keeping resources in place that assure future diversity and value.  The benefits that a consulting forester brings to a landowner are enormous by assuring that the land is respected and cared for, while maximizing the production of the forest without sacrificing future revenue and diversity.  All of our staff foresters practice forestry based on the principles of sustainable forestry that have been put into place by owner and head forester, Mike Long.