More than Just a Plan

A forest management plan developed by Long Forestry Consultation comes in a three ring binder with inside pockets.  It is a well organized document that can be easily referenced, used to keep all forestry related documentation, and can be utilized by any natural resource professional to acquire specific information.

LFC Forest Management Plan

A quality plan allows the landowner and consulting forester to communicate effectively with state and federal natural resource agencies, and allows for transparency between interested parties by specifically describing management needs and techniques.  All plans are IFDA certified, qualify landowners for preferential tax treatment, and qualify for cost share programs from state and federal agencies.  Plans include a title page, table of contents, color maps, soil maps, a management schedule, and CD’s that contain digital copies of the documents and GIS shapefiles used in plan development.  Copies of the forest management plan, all supporting documentation, and CD’s are also supplied to the local District Forester and the county NRCS office.  

After a plan is developed, landowners will get much more than just a plan from Long Forestry.  Clients will have access to a forester to contact for questions or advice, or to schedule a site visit.  Clients will have access to all the support needed to implement their forest management plans, including, equipment, supplies, and a fully trained contracting crew.  All forestry work done by Long Forestry includes a follow up visit to assess effectiveness of the treatments, and Long Forestry has access to multiple cost sharing sources to help landowners realize their goals.  

Being involved in each step of the process allows us to make appropriate decisions, to facilitate the necessary actions for effective management and financial assistance, and to initiate successful management activities on the ground.  Our clients can be assured that their plan utilizes the most advanced tools and research available for effective and efficient forest management.