Top 10 Advantages to Using Long Forestry Consultation for Your Timber Sale

1.    Increased revenue from timber sales

Marking a Tree for Harvest

·         Landowners earn an average of 27% and up in additional revenue from a timber sale when it is conducted by a consulting forester

·         The sealed bid approach increases competition and demands premium prices for your timber


2.    A certified forester looking out for you and your families interest

·         The consulting forester is a professional that you hire to represent you

·         All management activities are aimed at achieving landowner’s personal objectives for their property

·         Future diversity and value are always considered when making decisions today


3.    Minimize damage to resources

·         Long Forestry’s timber contracts require Best Management Practices (BMPs) to be implemented on your property

·         We work with reputable loggers that care for the resource


4.    Maximize production and value of the forest

·         Maximizing production does not mean taking out as much as possible during any one harvest

·         There is more value in a sustainably managed forest than in an over harvested forest


5.    Maintain diversityHarvested Logs on the Landing

·         A diverse forest is more healthy, productive, and has more value

·         Diversity maximizes wildlife habitat and food sources

·         A diverse forest must be managed for when invasive species are present     


6.    Meet your personal objectives for your land

·         The consulting forester makes all management decisions based on what the landowner’s vision is for the property


7.    Professional timber marking services prevents timber theft

·         During timber sales, all trees are marked at breast height and at the stump

·         All trees are measured and tallied on paper

·         All trees are recorded with a GPS point


8.    Accurate measurements gives quality data during a timber sale

·         When every tree has been measured and recorded in advance the correct value of the harvest can be determined

·         The logging community saves time and money by not having to guess what is there or measure the trees themselves


9.    Tax benefits and refunds with an approved forest management plan

·         Consulting foresters understand how forest management plans and property taxes affect each other

·         Receive a 100% refund on the Timber Harvest tax

·         Receive cost share assistance for post-harvest management


10.    Increase future value of the forest while getting benefits from them today

·         A properly managed forest can be a source of revenue, education, and recreation

·         All of this can be achieved while leaving the forest healthy and growing for the next generation


Contact LFC today for more information on the timber sale process and how you can sustainably earn revenues from your woodlands.