America's Sustainable Forests

The Benefits of Sustainable Forest Management

Consulting Forester with Prism

Did you know that one of Earth’s most sustainable and available timber supplies is right here in the United States?  In fact, according to the United States has 20% more trees today than it did when we first celebrated the first Earth Day more than 40 years ago.  Another fact that we backed up with the Society of American Foresters is that the amount of forested land in the United States has remained constant over the last century at 755 million acres.  We are also growing more trees than we are harvesting as the amount of wood volume on these 755 million acres has doubled since 1953 and currently we are growing 36% more timber than we are harvesting. 

The question is, how can this be possible?  With all the negative publicity about logging and environmental degradation, how can this picture of the forestry industry be so positive?  In large part this has to do with the efforts of private forestland owners, who own 56% of our nation’s forested acres and who have been committed to proper and sustainable management.  Again the SAF states that an estimated 25% of our private forests are managed under one of three major forest certification programs, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, the Forest Stewardship Council, or the American Tree Farm System.  Long Forestry is committed to our forests’ future as well.  We have written sustainable forest management plans for over 20,000 acres in the central hardwoods, totaling over 200 individual private landowners, and have procured nearly $1 million in revenue through sustainable timber harvests for private landowners.  To learn more about Long Forestry’s forest management plans and timber sales, and how we promote sustainable forest management through them, visit our website at