5 Most Important Things a Landowner can do to Their Property

#1  Get a certified forest management plan

  • Locks in lowest possible property tax rate
  • Qualifies landowners for free money to help improve their property
  • Helps landowners make informed decisions on how to manage their property
  • Educates landowners on what resources are present and why management is important

#2  Apply for cost share funding

  • Free money that landowners use to improve their property
  • Having an application on file can help increase chances on getting approved when they become available
  • Working with a consultant will drastically increase chances for funding by utilizing multiple sources and providing the necessary documentation and paperwork

#3  Mark property lines

  • Decrease property disputes
  • Help prevent timber theft, trespass, and vandalism
  • Prevents damage to trails, stream banks, and water resources by preventing unregulated ATV use
  • Improves efficiency of forest management activities

#4  Begin treating seed producing invasive species

  • Starts decreasing the seed bank of invasive species
  • Decreases the amount of work required in the future
  • Can save thousands of dollars in future restoration costs
  • Edge habitat treatments now available for cost efficient and effective treatments

#5  Build an access road around perimeter of the property

  • Allows for easy access and annual inspection of the property
  • Decreases timber theft, trespass, and vandalism
  • Improves efficiency of forest management and timber harvesting activities
  • Helps landowners take quick advantage of appropriate burn conditions


The staff at Long Forestry has the knowledge and resources to provide forest landowners with the education, tools, and financial resources they need to properly manage their land in order to achieve their goals.  Long Forestry is available to private landowners to help plan, implement, and fund the 5 most important things a landowner can do right now.  Call and speak to a consultant today.


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