How the LMA Works

The landowner sets the number of days and therefor your budget
Services are provided on a day rate
The LMA uses a 2 person Strike Team
Lean and mean
Trained and experienced
More progress is made per man hour resulting in real savings
The LMA is a minimum 3 year contract
It takes an average of 3 to 5 years to control or eradicate a most invasive plants
Each subsequent year the first action is to follow up on the previous years’ work
Guaranteed Follow Up Treatments
Follow ups are key to controlling and eradicating invasive species
The 3 year contract allows the strike team to follow up on the previous years work before moving into new areas of the property
During year 2 the most critical area of your property will have been covered twice
This protects your investment
Early Detection and Rapid Response is built in
Our foresters are trained to identify and treat any new invasive species discovered on the property immediately
Professional foresters on your property every year